Reinventing the Supply Chain: The Future of Fulfillment Vision Study


Zebra Technologies commissioned a global research study to gain a richer understanding of how manufacturers, retailers and logistics firms are preparing to meet the growing needs of the on-demand economy. Surveys were designed to reveal plans, implementation levels, experiences and attitudes toward omnichannel logistics.

A $2.3 trillion global e-commerce market reflects how profoundly shopper expectations have recalibrated worldwide.1

Today’s consumers have been rewired by digital disruption. That always-connected, tech-savvy shopper expects a seamless, faster purchasing journey, whether she’s buying online and picking up in store or wants her merchandise delivered in two hours to her door.

How will we succeed in this new normal? How will we meet shoppers’ omni-channel expectations? What new business models are critical? What are other business leaders thinking about?

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