Barcoding in the News – August Recap

We want to do a quick recap of August since it was an awesome month for Barcoding and we couldn’t have achieved all we did without our employees, partners, and customers.

Top 100

Barcoding made SupplyChainBrain Magazine’s 100 Great Supply Chain Partners. This a tremendous honor and a great achievement to be recognized for the work we put in alongside our fantastic partners. We’re very grateful to be included and will continue to do our best to be efficient, connected and accurate.

We also have a short article featured about reforming the shipping process with a labeling initiative with Zebra Technologies. Check it out and shoot us your questions.

And if you haven’t seen the array of info offered by SupplyChainBrain, they are a great resource and a comprehensive guide for the latest in supply chain news. You can find trends, strategies and best practices as they emerge in real-time!

Geek Tank – Don’t be a stranger

August was the month we had our final Geek Tank, and we went out with a bang in Mississauga, ON! It took a lot of work (with thanks to Zebra Technologies, Ivanti and SOTI) but the experience we created with everyone left us addicted. We can’t wait to do it all over again!

This year’s topic was on Android Migration, as Windows embedded handheld will end in 2020. We had a frank but casual discussion with a team of experts on modernization, future-proofing and cost-saving initiatives that can be executed straight away. We did away with powerpoints and instead encouraged everyone who attended to engage in a discussion, leaving no stones unturned.

If you were not able to make it, please check out the interview series that are now available. It’s not as fun as a live conversation, but we hope it will help you with your own warehousing projects. There is also a guide available on the same page that you can download for free.

Available interviews:

-Mobile Computing Then and Now: From Windows CE to Android
-How to Start Modernizing your Mobile Computing Applications
-Benefits of Mobile Device Management
-Deployment Finance Strategies for Mobile Computers
-Maximizing your Mobile Investment through Lifecycle Management

Brand Hero

Our design team is a machine and thanks to their hard work, we won the 2019 American Inhouse Design Awards. Does that mean more glorious swag at future trade shows? Yes, yes it does.

September, we’re ready!

As always, we’re here to help. Bring us along on your next project or ask one of our experts on how we can help with your supply chain challenges!