Celebrate #SupplyChainGeekDay and Make a Difference

You may recall we had a great time celebrating the birthday of the barcode last year, but this year we want to do something different. Supply Chain Geek Day is an initiative created by Barcoding to celebrate the innovators and essential workers in supply chain. Our goal is to bring you insightful events, opportunities to lift a fellow colleague and way to give back. This year, our community partner is Food Banks Canada.


Over a million people used food banks nationwide before COVID-19 and now the very same organizations find themselves under strain to keep up with demand during a volatile time. Our goal is to raise $1000 as a way to provide some relief to the system. We are hoping our staff, partners and customers can help donate today to keep food on the plates for many. Donate today.

How You Can Participate

If you can’t donate, please take the time to share our initiative with your network and spread the word. You can also participate in all of the Supply Chain Geek Day events for free! Become an ambassador to share the goal and show the world what makes you a #supplychaingeek. Participating in the events on our social media with the hashtag #supplychaingeekday are great ways you can join in on the fun and bring awareness to a great cause.

Strengthening you DC – A Virtual Discussion

A Canadian webinar hosted by Supply Chain Architect Peter Zalinski and joined by Bertrand Martelle, Canadian Country Manager and our premier partner Honeywell. We will be having a chat about the current state of the Canadian supply chain, best practices to use, enabling the right technology and ways you can stay efficient, accurate and connected. Reserve your spot today for free and we look forward to learning with you!

#SupplyChainGeekDay Summit

An epic event that welcomes all, it will span an entire day from 10 – 5 PM EST. Check out the agenda and see what interests you–there is something for everyone as experts and supply chain geeks gather to passionately speak on improvements, technology, and industry trends. Be sure to attend the chat with Shane Snyder (President of Barcoding) and stick around at 4:30 PM to find out who won the Innovator of the Year award! It’ll be insightful, celebratory and best of all it’ll a great way to connect with experts and professionals in various roles and backgrounds.

Want More Barcoding-Canada?
To stay in the loop about everything new in the supply chain world, check back for more posts on the Barcoding-Canada Blog. You can also keep up with us and our fellow #SupplyChainGeeks through our social media pages on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram!