Video: How to Use Infor EAM Cloud Suite for Barcode Labeling, Workflow Enhancement and Zebra Devices

Barcoding-Canada has an extensive youtube library full of past webinars, digital events and how-tos. We collaborate with our partners as often as we can and today, we want to highlight a webinar we did with LLP Group about work order management.

During this conversation, we will introduce both of our organizations and detail the experience each firm has in working with, and deploying technology that extends the capabilities of Infor CloudSuite EAM across your business. We’ll present an example scenario and overview of how QR codes, RFID, and IoT could be leveraged with CloudSuite EAM to help improve an organization’s response to handling the challenges of Covid-19.

Renowned speaker and fellow #supplychaingeek Peter Zalinski will be leading the presentation and really explore the art of the possible. By using these enhancements for Infor EAM, our goal is to help you reduce cost, expand visibility, capitalize investments and ultimately TAKE ACTION as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy this session and be sure to reach out with any questions!