Honeywell on Android Migration – Free Webinar

Together with Honeywell, we collaborated on a free to watch webinar hosted by Jimmy Grossman from our Texas office. We want to put out a short but concise video on how you can get started planning your migration roadmap. From a brief history on operating systems, Window CE EOL and some steps you can take toward future-proofing your supply chain.

In a time of volatility and uncertainty, we understand that migration or upgrading your current warehousing operations may not be on your top-ten list. Barcoding-Canada is committed to arming you with the right knowledge via our Android migration resource center and putting out partner content like the above to help you navigate your way to a smarter, better supply chain. You can browse all the articles, listen to interviews with supply chain experts and even take a look at the current data from companies in your situation. And when you’re ready with your questions, we will be standing by to help!

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