How to Handle the Most Expensive Mile in Your Logistics Operations | Webinar

As we enter into the end of the quarter during the COVID era, many businesses are having difficulties meeting increased customer demands while potentially working with a smaller staff. Logistics may also be staggered and fragmented, which means analytics and operational visibility will become the key components to a successful end-of-year. Acting aggressively without consulting data can lead to lost inventory, missed or delayed shipments, bad routing or simply not meeting delivery compliance.

To get you on the right path, we’re teaming up with our partner ShipTrack to host a free webinar on breaking down the traditional barriers of the supply chain and providing companies with the ability to automate their processes to help you make data-driven decisions, while optimizing the efficiency of your resources. During this webinar we will discuss solutions to ecommerce delivery, operational visibility, and the cost of delivery. This educational webinar will have the information you need to succeed as peak season approaches, and best practices you can use to meet increasing customer demands. We will also be presenting a live demo and filling in any questions and discussing any current pain points you may be experiencing.

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Ecommerce Delivery

· Ways to improve customer experience
· Increased delivery compliance
· Increased efficiency

Operational visibility

· Real-time data that can improve productivity and why that type of visibility matters
· Data-driven decisions and what they mean for your business
· On-road exceptions

Cost of delivery

· Route Optimization
· Dispatch/routing
· Reduction in wasted time and resources, saving you money


November 17th, 1 PM est

About ShipTrack

ShipTrack is the world’s most innovative and scalable logistics management platform that combines technologies such as cloud, wireless, GPS, mobile, dispatching, route optimization, barcode scanning, signature capture and process automation algorithms to respond to user requirements in a range of industries for a growing list of applications.  Today ShipTrack is helping logistics organizations in the public and private sector.