Industry 5.0: The Next Industrial Revolution

Barcoding, Inc. Supply Chain Architect, Peter Zalinski, was recently featured in the April issue of Supply Professional magazine. Keep reading to learn what he has to say about the future of supply chain modernization and more!

What Will Industry 5.0 Look Like?

With the rapid development of digital technologies like robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and more, the industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. This begs the question of how long until we reach a new level of change. Industry 4.0, the current state, centers around the idea of the digitalization of the supply chain—how technology affects manufacturing, connects devices, and allows us to analyze data. Experts hypothesize that Industry 5.0 will shift the way that people interact with technology, as well as how companies increase personalization through technology.

Data-Driven Changes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one area in which we are seeing great strides in the shift towards digitalization. IoT and automated data collection provide important information for businesses. Better data leads to better decision making. The valuable visibility and insight of IoT also allows for a more efficient operation all-around:

“IoT and automatic data collection free up scarce human resources that are better spent adding value to the supply chain through transformative work rather than gathering data points,” says Zalinski.

GS1 Standards

In addition to IoT, GS1 Standards are an essential aspect of digitalization. They provide a common language to identify, capture and share supply chain data and they support identification, electronic data exchanges and event-based notification and tracking.

In the article, Zalinski explains that GS1 Standards are a fundamental step on the journey towards “good data stewardship and digital transformation.” Learn more about GS1 Standards here

Want to learn more about how to modernize your supply chain as we move into the future of the supply chain and Industry 5.0? Barcoding, Inc. can help you bring your operations up to GS1 Standards, implement innovative new data systems, and more!

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