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Zebra Technologies delivers innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions to businesses and governments all over the world. Barcoding-Canada is one of a handful of Nationally Recognized Partners by Zebra Technologies, as well as a Zebra Authorized Repair Center (ZASP), and a Zebra RFID Certified Partner

Making businesses as smart and connected as the world we live

Zebra builds tracking technology and solutions that generate actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice. Zebra’s extensive portfolio of solutions give real-time visibility into everything from products and physical assets to people, providing very precise operational data not only about where things are, but what condition they are in. This allows business leaders to use data to make better, more informed decisions, respond in real-time and ultimately, help businesses understand how they work, and how they could work better.


Building a Smarter Warehouse: The Time to Future-Proof is Now

Is it your turn to upgrade your warehousing operations?

  • Modernizing is manageable. Transformation doesn’t have to be disruptive with Zebra’s highly manageable solutions.
  • Equipping workers with modern technology can supercharge warehouse operations—improving accuracy and speed, reducing downtime and shortening training times.
  • When teams stay connected, they can finish tasks and solve problems faster. When their mobile computer is also a communication device, managers can work where they’re needed most—out on the floor—and reach anyone immediately.
  • Strengthening the receiving process provides better information from the start, driving sound decision making, greater accuracy and less handling time.
  • Modern technologies can drive greater efficiency in picking, packing, staging and loading to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately, fewer items are returned and customers are satisfied.
  • Real-time inventory management means fewer surprises and less downtime. Warehouse workers have instant insight into every asset’s location and condition, so they can avoid out-of-stocks and overstocks. They’ll spend less time hunting for and counting inventory—and more time filling orders.

As a Zebra premier solution partner, we have also collaborated with them to bring you several articles about android migration and future-proofing.

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