Predictive Visibility Platform For (First mile, mid-mile & last-mile delivery) Logistics Operations

Say goodbye to inefficiencies and unpredictability in logistics operations


Visibility black box is a major challenge for enterprises when it comes to handling their delivery logistics operations. Lack of centralized visibility leads to critical offshoots such as cost escalation due to inefficient logistics, urgency-driven carrier engagements(logistics & transportation partners), and most importantly customer experience. They also typically face challenges in running operations seamlessly when the scale surges.


FarEye is a SaaS platform that enables brands to orchestrate, track, and optimize their logistics operations.  It helps enterprises in areas such as cross-docking, long haul movement, last-mile delivery operations such as driver allocation, routing, digital proof of deliveries, real-time track, and trace. The platform is customizable, as it allows businesses to design workflows or pick from a pre-loaded enterprise-grade process library. Here are the legs where FarEye can transform supply chain operations and how:

Last Mile Visibility: Dynamic routing, sorting, a configurable app for operations, crowd-sourced driver management, live tracking and ETA, personalized delivery experience, control tower, driver forecast












Fulfillment Visibility: Dynamic delivery slots, intelligent carrier orchestration, label generation, and dispatch, order status visibility, order tracking and ETA, unified delivery experience, control tower, carrier/SLA recommendation

Long Haul Visibility: Digital indent, multi-modal visibility, yard visibility, slot booking & sequencing, in-transit visibility & ETA, electronic proof of delivery, control tower,  carrier/SLA recommendation.

FarEye also comes with pre-integrations for 40+ Logistics partners across multiple countries thereby assuring them of a seamless and secure way to integrate with their IT systems. They can make better-informed carrier-selection decisions.


The biggest benefit is handling scale at ease using the cloud-based framework irrespective – whether it is 1,000 deliveries on a normal day or 100k deliveries due to surge demand. This agility is critical for the enterprise, in addition to which predictive & real-time visibility is a key benefit.

C-suite: Comprehensive visibility, process efficiency, better customer relationships

Managers (Logistics, Fulfilment, Transportation): Better allocation, improved operational flexibility, data-driver carrier management, improved ETA predictability, chain of custody reporting

Drivers: Maximization of deliveries in a day, improved incentives

Customers: Flexible scheduling, real-time track & trace, flexible payment options due to wallet-enabled app

FarEye has helped leading global enterprises to shrink delivery time by up to 27%, increase courier productivity by up to 15%, eliminate risks by up to 57%, and achieve operational excellence. FarEye has a strong traction with more than 150 global Retailers, CPG companies, and Logistics & Transportation providers including DHL, Amway, Hilti, Walmart, and Dominos.

“FarEye seamlessly integrated with the various data sources available with our 3PL partners to provide predictive visibility at every step. The team at FarEye is well qualified and very flexible. They have been more consultants for us rather than a technology vendor. FarEye Transportation ensures that our supply chain is now more reliable & optimized & supports our business in making time-sensitive data-backed decisions.” Puneet Dhamija, Director (Operations), Hilti

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