Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc.

MSI is a software-driven mobile infrastructure support service based on mobile/wireless transactional data analytics. The inputs into the system are the data analyses of all mobile transactions, connections and mobile user feedback. The outputs are measurably more productive end-users, efficient IT support teams, and data-driven decision making around corporate expenses and projects related mobile operations, support and infrastructure.

Connect and Barcoding-Canada partner to go beyond mobile device and network tool sets to deliver:

  • Peace of mind: Deploy, migrate and manage mobile solutions faster. Validate success with unbiased, comprehensive system analysis.
  • Streamlined support: Automate the process with instant user- reporting that triggers automated system diagnostics and reporting.
  • Data-driven decisions: Relevant, timely performance analysis of distributed and complex systems to reduce the cost to own

Here’s what some customers and partners have to say:

“I wish we had this from the beginning!”

“Of all the value-adds we offer, this is the one the customer really needs.”

“This is the best kept secret in the industry.”

“Your analysis saved us from major roll-out delays and lost production.”

“The remote visibility into the mobile associate’s experience has proven to be a huge value for solving problems but especially now when social distancing is required.”


Mobile system monitoring (as a service)
  • Automated triage, data capture and analysis
  • Incident and root cause analysis reporting
  • Corrective action validation & resolution reporting
Mobile system performance metrics
  • Mobile user interruptions & delays
  • Mobile system infrastructure impact analysis
  • MSI rating based on a proprietary industry database


Is MSI compatible with our system?
A: All real-time wireless systems communicating with mobile computers are compatible.

Does MSI require software on our mobile computers?
A: No, it is 100% agentless.

How long does it take to get MSI up and running?
A: It takes hours to deploy, configure, test and run.

Is this a mobile device management tool?
A: No, it is complementary with all MDMs and does not interfere with network monitoring tools and application monitors. See Technology Comparisons

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