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When you’re making important decisions for your business, you might be thinking of ways to increase sales, optimize a smaller team or even how to keep up with increasing consumer demands. These are all valid goals, but what’s often overlooked are the ways you may be operating your printing and labeling procedures. With compliance still being a hot button, you can’t afford to run out of supplies, use the wrong materials or printing unreadable barcodes. Any of the aforementioned mishaps can lead to a domino effect on how your business operates – loss of productivity, returned goods, fines and ultimately loss of revenue.

We mentioned our free barcode labels assessment before and this straight forward process can be as simple as a chat through phone or the digital platform of your choice can help you do things right from the start. This time, we want to spotlight our eBook on the essentials of barcode labeling. Before you chat with an expert from Barcoding-Canada, you can now peruse this comprehensive compilation of facts, insights and more.

At a Glance

The Basics and Benefits of Barcode Labels

We start things off by going into some of the must-know basics of what makes a barcode label and why it is part of the foundation of good business practices. As well, we have a brief look at the differences between direct thermal printing and direct transfer printing

Selecting Thermal Printing

When should you select thermal printing? There are several factors to consider such as label sizes, operating costs and required graphics and texts.

Selecting Printers and Supplies

Barcoding-Canada is a premium partner to several technology leaders like Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, Datalogic and many more. By leveraging their expertise, we can transform your labeling operations to be smarter, cleaner and more efficient. In this section, we go into different devices and supplies you will need for your own personal labeling needs. From the location of your operation, budget limitations and environment of your DC/warehouse, we consider all the important aspects.

Barcode Label ROI

Of course, the most important part – how can you make barcode labels work for your business? From increased accuracy, visibility, productivity and overall customer satisfaction; if you are armed with the right knowledge then you already ahead of the competition.

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What a labeling assessment can do for you
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