What’s Changing Now That Microsoft No Longer Supports Windows 10 MOBILE

IT World Canada recently featured our In-Country Manager for Barcoding-Canada, Bertrand Martelle, along with our partner, Shash Anand, vice-president of product strategy, of SOTI, in their piece on Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows End of Life is here, but what does that mean for your business? As of December 10, 2019, Microsoft ceased OS support for Windows 10 Mobile. Now, organizations are left to choose between different alternatives. This is a complex decision with many factors involved, but we can help!

A survey from SOTI found that one in three enterprises are not equipping their field workforce with the right technology to carry out their jobs. This can be a great opportunity to improve your supply chain by updating your devices, so that you can be more efficient, accurate, and connected. Keep reading for some strategies to keep in mind when migrating your OS.


One key consideration is ease of use. Will your transition to a new OS be smooth or an IT nightmare? Android is a great option for its adaptability.

“With the Android OS system, for example, employees are given a richer mobile experience that can help reengage them; issues are resolved a lot quicker and workflows are faster. As the most used mobile OS in the world, IT departments can rest assured that their employees are at least familiar with the platform, making the transition easier” says Bertrand Martelle, In-Country Manager for Barcoding-Canada.


Your business never stops, so your technology shouldn’t either. It’s important that your new OS is able to keep up with you. Consider the security ramifications when migrating from legacy systems towards new platforms.

“Some companies look to improve their productivity through workflow changes while others are just struggling to understand the capabilities of applications built by employees long gone from the company. Regardless of the reason for the migration, businesses should pay particular attention to the risks involved and how to plan for and navigate a successful migration” says Martelle.


Want an accountability partner to keep you focused on an Android migration strategy that will work best for your business? Barcoding, Inc. can help. Check out our Android Resources Center and start your free assessment today—let’s migrate, together!

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